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I have a new account.

2008-10-10 04:45:19 by PolutedFuse

Add me as a friend. hehe



2008-08-26 17:53:05 by PolutedFuse

Ok, first of all. The flash RPG will be put on hold for a while, because of the Porsche customise game. The Porsche customise game will be put on hold because of this new Brawl colab me and Purplefridge, and THAT will be put on hold because right now, I don't have Flash. I need to reinstall it :(

Porsche Customise

2008-08-17 05:23:17 by PolutedFuse

The RPG will be put on hold for a while, right now I am making a Porsche 911 customising game.. hey, I have to have atleast one submission. :)


2008-08-03 05:34:13 by PolutedFuse

At the moment, me and Kyle (Purplefridge) are working on a Flash-based RPG, with both of us as playable characters, and with lots of friends in our little street including Jake (DeletedChemical) and Tim (slaker01). There will be a massive town which will be fully explorable, with things like Macca's and a massive shopping centre (Runaway Bay, roflcopter. [A Gold Coast {Australian} Shopping Centre]). It will also be extremely interactive. Should be up in a couple of weeks ;)