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2008-08-03 05:34:13 by PolutedFuse

At the moment, me and Kyle (Purplefridge) are working on a Flash-based RPG, with both of us as playable characters, and with lots of friends in our little street including Jake (DeletedChemical) and Tim (slaker01). There will be a massive town which will be fully explorable, with things like Macca's and a massive shopping centre (Runaway Bay, roflcopter. [A Gold Coast {Australian} Shopping Centre]). It will also be extremely interactive. Should be up in a couple of weeks ;)


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2008-08-09 01:57:23

Hey Reece!

What happened to your other account? What was wrong with Reec3? Oh wait you wanted a random name like Delectedchemical lol... Polutedfuse, eh? I like it. =P

Oh and BTW, Tim's account is actually Slaking01, not Slacker01.

I hope the RPG gets finished soon. Oh and if you're wondering im using my dad's computer to comment here, not my other computer because it'll come back in like a week =(

PolutedFuse responds: